Guru Overview

Find Ur Guru simply connects our Gurus with the Customers who have any requests that fall within our Gurus' set of skillsets and services in three simple steps;
  • 1. Express Interest
  • 2. Communicate with the Customer
  • 3. Attend, get paid and Rate

Work that puts you first

Handle what you want, make what you need

Set your own schedule

You can attend to requests anytime, day or night, 365 days a year. When you work is always up to you, so it never interferes with your priorities.

Make more at every turn

Requests start with a base amount that you set, and could potentially increase as per your customers' needs. And when demand is higher than normal, you make more…

Let your services lead the way

The more you are meticulous with your offerings, and responsive on the App, the more business we generate for you and the more money you make ultimately.

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